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Spongecake Mastery

Struggling with professional eggless sponge cakes for perfectly decorated cakes?


My BESTSELLING recipe which makes sponge cakes that are-

100% Eggless Recipes

Low cost- high profit

Fluffy as a cloud

Unlimited flavours

Flat top- no wastage

Stable- easy to decorate

Does this sound like you?

Tired of trying so many YouTube recipes but the sponge isn't perfect?

Want to start decorating cakes but demotivated because your sponge isn't great?

Want to bake fluffy, flat top sponge cakes but don't have an oven?

Have a microwave but don't know how to use it for baking?

Do you want to start a home bakery of your own, but need guidance?

If you said yes,
this course is for you!

Available at a special price:

Spongevake mastery: grow

What you’ll Learn/Discover

Module 1: Understanding Sponge Cakes

  • Sponge Cake Uses

  • Other Cakes vs Sponge Cakes

  • Ideal Qualities In Sponge Cakes

  • Module 2: Baking Appliances Demystified

Module 2: Equipment

  • Science Behind Baking

  • Using An OTG vs Microwave vs Pressure Cooker or Kadhai

  • Tips To Know If Your Cake Is Bakes

​Module 3: BESTSELLING Sponge Cake Recipe

  • Beginner Eggfree Recipe

  • Professional Eggfree Recipe

Module 4: Troubleshooting Sponge Cake Problems

  • Understanding Common Sponge Cake Problems

  • Tips To Avoid Them

​Module 5: Exploring Flavour Variation

  • Vanilla Sponge

  • Chocolate Sponge

  • Red Velvet Sponge + Rainbow Cake Layers

  • Adding spices, extracts, etc (like for Rasmalai cake)

  • More ideas

Module 6: Pan Sizes and Sizing Guide

  • Pan sizes to use for different cakes

  • How to multiply/ divide the recipe for different weights

Module 7: Storage Tips for Sponge Cakes

  • Packing the cake for storage

  • Storing for different timelines

  • Special GIFT at the end of the course.


Special GIFT at the end of the course.

Students' experience and work

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-23 at 19.17.52 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-23 at 19.17.53 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-23 at 19.17.53.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2024-02-23 at 19.17.52.jpeg

Your work can be at par with industry experts, ready to upskill?

Did you know?

90% of people waste their time:

Trying complicated recipes
Finding quick fixes
Using unique ingredients
Using poor techniques


What would the top bakers do instead?

Learn techniques and tips

Learn the science behind every
Troubleshoot their mistakes
Find an evergreen recipe, & stick to them.

Join the professional league

Access will be shared within 24 hours of sign-up

Thank you for registering!

How This Course Works

Step 1

You enroll using the button below, check your inbox for login details.

Step 2

Watch the course videos & material whenever convenient to you

Step 3

Try the recipes & share the results, I review your work and share suggestions

Step 4

You apply those suggestions and master that technique

Step 5

Ask any questions via WhatsApp support/ call option

Take the first step now

"She taught me skills which I didn't learn when I did baking courses worth ₹10,000 and she is always there to teach me anytime which is really nice of her. I was so disappointed with my cakes earlier but now I am so confident all thanks to her"

Amardeep (Student)

"I got the best mentor of my life, I asked so many doubts and she never got fed up, infact she always really really helped me. I watched all the videos and they had in-depth explanation which was understandable and very clear. Your support makes me feel that I can definitely bake."

Nandhini (Student)

"I didn't know any concepts but now I understand why we do certain things. Your videos have clear instructions. I attended others workshops earlier and ended up with hard bread but I am so happy that you always follow up on my progress and reply to all queries."

Gayathri (Student)

Meet Shubhangi Jain

  • Instagram

With 8+ years of experience as a Professional Baker, there's so much that I wish to share with my contemporaries! 
Common mistakes, hacks, the science, the commerce behind baking and of course, baking itself! 

That was my motivation to start Redolence baking school: prep school for all those who wish to become successful profesional bakers.

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