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May it be a hormonal condition or a  digestive one, what you eat becomes an essential part of how you feel. 

Your body needs you to pay close attention to its specific requirements and adhere to them. That's what a therapeutic diet is aimed towards: healthy, nutritious food that you can  include in your daily routine.

Ideal for you if you are dealing with health issues like PCOD/PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, IBS etc.

Benefits of joining in

Take a step towards good health, get your plan now
@ ₹5000/month

"Find what feels good."
A lifestyle isn't healthy if it doesn't align with your mind and body. 

The most reliable, most accurate information about what you need and what you don't is provided by your own body. As a nutritionist and a yogini, Shradha believes in training you to listen to that inner voice. To help you understand what you need and to help you follow through. 

Embarking on her yogic journey at age 44, she is a true inspiration to women all around.

About Shradha Kaundinya

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