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Morning Meditation with Yogini Shradha 

Morning meditation offers numerous benefits that can positively impact your daily life. Engaging in just thirty minutes of meditation each morning can decrease stress and anxiety for the remainder of the day. Start small with 2 days a week: 7am-7:30am Tuesday & Saturday. 

You will be added to our WhatsApp Community and will receive a notification for upcoming sessions. Experience the difference with just 30 minutes twice a week.  


Starting 2nd March

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Let's take 60 mins a week and detox our mind.

"Find what feels good."
A lifestyle isn't healthy if it doesn't align with your mind and body. 

The most reliable, most accurate information about what you need and what you don't is provided by your own body. As a nutritionist and a yogini, Shradha believes in training you to listen to that inner voice. To help you understand what you need and to help you follow through. 

Embarking on her yogic journey at age 44, she is a true inspiration to women all around.

About Shradha Kaundinya

Yoga | Nutrition | Lifestyle

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