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Decoding Admissions:
Masters in Psychology 2024

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Hello future psychologists!

Preparing for Masters 2024? We know how stressful it can be and we want to simplify it for you. Join us as we take you through this self -curated session of navigating admissions.

Lineup for the Session:

Understanding different degrees: 
MA/ MSc in Counselling, Clinical, or Organisational? 
Colleges Offering Masters in Psychology in India 

Resources to study from: 
Book suggestions for all subjects 
Preview of the young psychologist notes 

Special focus on: 
TISS, Christ, and CUET PG 2024

Insider Tips and Tricks for Entrance Exams: 
Maximize Score and Gain Competitive Edge
Avoiding Common Mistakes in Preparation

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Register now for @ Rs 249
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*Subject to Transaction Processing Fee.

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Vidhi Ghai AKA The Young Psychologist

Gold medalist, BA psychology Hons (DU)
MSc counseling psychology (Christ

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