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Home Baker's Guide To
Pop-Up Events & Stalls

Discover stall mastery secrets! Enchant with stunning decor and menus. Ace scheduling and prep. Stand out, draw crowds, build loyalty. Repurpose leftovers cleverly. Elevate your stall for success!

Join in before seats fill-up!

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Session Plan:

Insights that will help you skyrocket sales and get new clients.

🪄How to decorate your stall (to attract people)

🪄 What to put in a stall menu

🪄How to prepare in advance (make a schedule)

🪄 How to estimate the quantity you should make

🪄How to stand out and spread the word

🪄 Best ways to get new loyal clients from your stall

🪄What to do with leftovers  (no wastage)

Here's what our students are saying:

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Meet Shubhangi Jain

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With 8+ years of experience as a Professional Baker, there's so much that I wish to share with my contemporaries! 
Common mistakes, hacks, the science, the commerce behind baking and of course, baking itself! 

That was my motivation to start Redolence baking school: prep school for all those who wish to become successful profesional bakers.

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