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Grammar Mastery:
Unlock Language Excellence with Kritika Arora

📅 22nd and 23rd July
🕘 9pm to 10pm

An immersive and transformative two-day online workshop designed to enhance your language skills and elevate your communication abilities. Here's what you can expect from the sessions:

✔️Comprehensive grammar 
✔️Interaction with our expert coaches 
✔️Practical exercises
✔️Extensive reference material
✔️Session recordings

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Book your seat @199/-

*Subject to Transaction Processing Fee 

Congratulations on booking your seat!

Meet Your Coach

Meet Kritika Arora, an English language enthusiast, and educator dedicated to helping individuals master the art of effective communication.
With batches, personal mentorship associations, and thanks to her Instagram community, Kritika has reached close to 8 lakh such students as a communication coach! Whether you're a beginner seeking to grasp the foundations of English or an advanced learner looking to refine your language skills, Kritika Arora is your go-to guide on your language-learning journey.


For any queries, reach out to us:
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