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Chaos to Cosmos

 By Maniisha Thakkar 

Let the universe lead you to your success.
Find and defeat everything that holds you back. Interact with your soul and the world that lies within. Rediscover yourself.

21-days to become the person you always desired to be.

1 hour everyday for less than a month: that is all you need to give yourself for a mindset change, for self-discovery that will bring out the best in you.

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Who is the course for?

For you, if you desire success, happiness and growth.
The universe is calling, asking you to take this opportunity.


For those who are ready for massive growth.


For those wanting positive change and wellbeing in life.


For whose who feel stuck, confused and angry.

How does it work?

Your login ID will unlock all the resources you require.
The course contains 21 modules: 1 hour every day.
The course access is provided for 30 days, starting 24 hours after signing up.
You get the opportunity of a 1:1 conversation with Maniisha Thakkar after Day 1.

It is important to stay consistent during the sessions to see good results.

Register yourself today

And experience growth like never before

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  • Why should I attend this session?
    ✅ Gain better insights: Let your AI tools do the data collection and analysis for you. ​ ✅ Optimize: Automate repetitive tasks with tools while you focus on growth and increasing productivity.​ ​ ✅ Scale-up: Better returns on both, the time and the money that you invest into your work. ​ ✅ Experience unbeatable accuracy: When you reduce the risk of human error, you discover pure data in its most usable form, the fuel for your growth as a marketer/creator. ​ ✅ Reduce costs: Save up on budgets allocated for outsourcing/hiring resources or even employing other software. AI is here to assist you with it all!
  • Who is this workshop for?
    IT'S FOR YOU!! If you are a - Marketing professional. - Social media wiz. - Digital marketer. - Freelancer in digital marketing/copy writing/SEO/social media/content. - Copy writer. - Student or fresh graduate. With 60% of the world clueless about the benefits of AI, now is the perfect time to start and get that edge over the rest!
  • What does the session include?
    The session intends to take you from 1 (curious and excited) to 5 (educated and equipped) Industry insights: Understand what the future demands, which tools are most relevant for you and what path you should take. Better understanding: Now that you have identified the tools, let's get to work and understand their functioning during the session. Hands-on training: Intensive training with industry experts with more sessions that will soon follow! Networking opportunities: Stay connected with professionals and learners like you, build your network and excel!
  • How do I know this course is for me?
    This course is for Individuals who wish to achieve high growth. If you know there is potential within you to excel but are stuck somewhere due to financial, personal, emotional or social barriers: this course is meant to strengthen you and build your mindset so you are overcome the obstacles on your success path. So if you are very passionate, want to be very successful and want to grow exponentially, this powerful course is for you. If you are currently confused, angry, unhappy with your life and have decided to change things, this powerful course is for you.
  • How does this course help me grow?
    Your problems and blocks need healing, not advice. If words could solve problems, all would have been fine. Real solutions can only be found within oneself and that is what we aim for via this course. Unlocking your true potential includes deep therapy. Not just for the mind but for the soul as well. This course helps you do just that. Psychotherapy | NLP | Healing | Reiki | Mindpower All in one single course to help you draw energy from the universe. To enroll or get more details, drop us a text:
  • What all does the course include?
    The course includes 21 hours of intense training to help you reset your mind within 21 days. You can expect strong techniques, life changing exercises and therapies that will help you build a growth mindset, draw abundant energy from the cosmos and lead a positive life. The course is developed to change your perspective and outlook with powerful techniques like Reiki, psychotherapies and NLP. You will also receive a free consultation with Maniisha Thakkar: life coach who has impacted lakhs of lives across 17 countries. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us
  • What impact can I practically expect from this course?
    The course has modules dedicated to help you heal physically, emotionally, financially and socially. These techniques help you get over all the obstacles that you face in day-to-day life. With the right implementation, you can overcome your challenges with the help of this course and start noticing growth in all these aspects. The course also works on strengthening your mind via powerful exercises and is built to train your mind for success. For more details or to enroll, please drop us a text.

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