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Art Therapy

13th August | 5pm onward

What is art therapy?

Artistic way to  express, & resolve one’s emotions and thoughts. It is a way to communicate oneself!

The perfect way to improve emotional, mental, and psychological well-being, to enhance coping skills, and foster personal growth and development.

Lots of big words? In short, art therapy introduces you, to you.

What does the workshop include?

Learn to release pent-up emotions with your creativity.
Get trained by Sanjivani to identify your inner artist.
Understand how art therapy works.
Try out fun exercises for yoursel
Participate in interactive activities.
Therapeutic art v/s art therapy

Regstration form

Join us now @ ₹249/-

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About Sanjivani

Sanjivani is a mental health advocate (clinical psychology student & a certified art therapy practitioner, Accredited by ICPEM & CLLAC.
She loves art and art is a way of expression for her!! She is working passionately about normalising mental health & will continue to do so! 

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