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Art & Science of Cookies

Make perfect bakery worthy cookies with our online class even if you have never made cookies before by learning the techniques from a pro-baker.

✓ Beginner level
✓ 7 different techniques to make fail proof cookies
✓ Pdf with 21 EGGLESS recipes available
✓ Easily available ingredients and substitutions
✓ In depth explanation of techniques and ingredients and equipments
✓ Tips and tricks, troubleshooting by a professional baker

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Recipes included:

After this, you can create endless recipes and variations!

 • Chocolate orange swirl cookies

• Thumbprint berry cookies

• Healthy Anzac cookies

• Spiced Danish butter cookies with drizzle

• Jumbo chocochunk heaven

• Peanut butter blossoms

• Nawabi Nankhatai

Course perks:

Lifetime access to video lessons.

Access to student community on WhatsApp.

1:1 WhatsApp mentoring.

Additional business resources and references.


How This Course Works

Step 1

You enroll using the button below, check your inbox for login details.

Step 2

Watch the course videos & material whenever convenient to you

Step 3

Try the recipes & share the results, I review your work and share suggestions

Step 4

You apply those suggestions and master that technique

Step 5

Ask any questions via WhatsApp support/ call option

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Wondering what's inside?

​Lessons Included

  • Relevance of each ingredient, and commonly available brands.

  • Measuring the ingredients properly and preparing them.

  • Making the perfect cookie dough.

  • Changing fats, sugars, and flours depending upon the technique.

  • Shaping and designing techniques such as marbling, pinwheel, cutting, rolling, embossing.

  • Using different flavourings like fruits, chocolate, nuts, spices, grain

  • Making accompaniments like drizzles, toppings, fillings.

  • Using your oven/cooker/ microwave convection to bake cakes.

  • Storage of cookies and cookie dough properly.

Meet Shubhangi Jain

  • Instagram

With 8+ years of experience as a Professional Baker, there's so much that I wish to share with my contemporaries! 
Common mistakes, hacks, the science, the commerce behind baking and of course, baking itself! 

That was my motivation to start Redolence baking school: prep school for all those who wish to become successful profesional bakers.

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