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Art and Science of Cafe Style Cakes

Discover the secrets to crafting exquisite, cafe-style cakes with our online course. Perfect your baking prowess under the guidance of a professional pastry chef, even if you’re an absolute beginner.


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10% off on this course till 12 midnight | 21st Feb

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Recipes included:

  • Module 1: Equipments & Tools

  • Module 2: Understanding Ingredients & Chemistry

  • Module 3: Pound Cakes

  • Module 4: Applesauce Coffee Cake & Banana Hazelnut Streusel Muffins -VEGAN

  • Module 5: Persian Love Cake & Creme Anglaise

  • Module 6: Saffron Qahwa Bundtlets- GLUTEN FREE

  • Module 7: Oats & Wholewheat Almond Loaf

  • Module 8: Chocolate Bounty Cake & Ganache

  • Module 9: Troubleshooting & Additional Tipand endless variations!

Bonus included:

  • Yet to be added.


Course perks:

Lifetime access to video lessons.

Access to student community on WhatsApp.

1:1 WhatsApp mentoring.

Additional business resources and references.


Meet Shubhangi Jain

  • Instagram

With 8+ years of experience as a Professional Baker, there's so much that I wish to share with my contemporaries! 
Common mistakes, hacks, the science, the commerce behind baking and of course, baking itself! 

That was my motivation to start Redolence baking school: prep school for all those who wish to become successful profesional bakers.

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